Change Your Outlook

When you work at something you dislike, it can bring enormous stress and anxiety to your life. But when you work at something you truly love, it invigorates and inspires you constantly. Since we often have to tackle work or obligations that we dislike, we may feel that those things we dislike will dictate the tone of our day and affect our mood. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You may be involved in something now that you aren’t wild about, but if you could find something to like about it, it might change your outlook.



love gently.

love wholeheartedly.

love loudly.

love inevitably.

love truthfully.

love transparently.

love unguardedly.

love passionately.

love wildly.

love untamed.

love fiercely.

love unconditionally.

love in freestyle.

love in free form.

I forgive you

To everyone that’s wronged me even when I was right to them, I forgive you. Even if you aren’t sorry. My heart is happy, regardless. I wish you well and I pray karma doesn’t do too much damage to you even though you deserve whatever comes your way.



don’t attach it to anything nor anyone— freedom is gripping the pursuit with your own hands, even if they hurt. even if they bleed. the more you access this picture, the sturdier your frame becomes. you’ll be happier. your relationships, stronger. watch it make sense.


If you worship anything, worship change. It is the only true constant in this world. If you can understand and respect change, the world belongs to you.