Can we talk about..

Y’all always perceive “rape” as holding someone against their will. But can we talk about the people who end up just “giving in” because they feel like it’ll have a better outcome than trying to fight it off? Can we talk about the people who feel guilty because they feel like they “put themselves in that position” even tho they went into a situation with innocent intentions and got taken advantage of? Can we talk about the people who still are in denial about them being sexually abused because they were under some kind of influence? Can we talk about the ones who went into it with the intentions of getting intimate, then discovering something that made them uncomfortable and change their minds? Can we talk about the guys who take it anyway because you’re a “tease” and “shouldn’t have came if you were gonna play”. Y’all aren’t alone. I love y’all and y’all deserve every ounce of love and respect. My dm’s & email stay open, feel free to chat. You do not have to call these things rape if you don’t want to. I believe that the term is very harsh and thrown around too much. But if you were ever coerced into sex, that is NOT OKAY!