Is there a such thing as too much isolation?

Isolating yourself for too long eventually makes you pretentious as hell. I say this because you reach a place where it feels as if you can’t relate to anyone at all. I’m working my way out of this though. I didn’t really notice how bad my isolation was since I’m so comfortable with my solitude, until all I wanted was a connection but felt nobody was worth it. I know it’s going to be hard to shake since I have no desire or motivation when it comes to  socializing these days. But isolation is purposeless in the long run. Just gotta take the disconnect with a grain of salt.


Pretty Girls Like Trap Music


My experience at 2 Chainz’s Pink Trap House was one to remember. 2 Chainz gave the city of Atlanta an unforgettable experience that the whole world took notice too. Over the weeks, the house was used for multiple community events, from free HIV/AIDS testing, a church service, sip & paint and so much more. The Pink Trap House was like the Eiffel Tower of Atlanta, lol. It brought so many people together, it was definitely tourist attraction worthy. The Pink Trap House became a mini video and photoshoot for so many people including myself. My sister, cousin and I were practically on set. We were hyping other beautiful woman, taking photos for people and even snuck in a simize or two ourselves.