Inexpensive & Healthy Skincare Routine


Looking for an inexpensive healthy home remedy skincare routine that works?

Well look no further.

1. Use 365 Olive Oil as Makeup Remover. Only $6 at Whole Foods

  • Has Vitamin E
  • Anti-aging
  • Doesn’t clog pores

2. Use Alaffia Soap as your Cleanser. Only $2.49 at Whole Foods.

  • I replaced all my harsh & heavy chemical cleaners with this organic soap.

Tip: If you have nails use the palm of your hands (no finger tips) so you won’t irate your skin. 

3. Witch Hazel is for Acne. Only $2.88.

  • It’s also used for any Bacteria that was left on your skin after you cleansed your face.
  • This bad boy is my key secret. So shhh. lol.

4. STEP: 1 Use Indian Healing Clay as Skincare Mask. Only $6.65

  • The clay draws out toxins from the skin.
  • Also makes the skin softer.
  • And another thing it helps reduce the appearance of scars.

5. STEP: 2 Apple Cider Vinegar. Only $3.69

  • Helps reduce age spots.
  • Fights acne, pimples and blemishes.
  • Balances skins pH.
  • Fights wrinkles as well as removes toxins from the face.
  • After steps 1 & 2 are mixed apply it to your face.
  • Let it dry.

Tip: Don’t forget your neck & ears. 

6. Use Shea Butter as Moisturizer. Only $4.00 *varies by size and source* at Whole Foods.

  • This stuff is literally life changing.


What type of skin do you have?

  • Skin Type: Combination Skin
  • Oily T-Zone & Dry on forehead/and sides of my face.

Why use oil when you’re oily?

  • Oil tricks your body into thinking you’re already “oily” thus reduces oil production, whereas highly drying products works temporarily but makes you even oilier.

How long did you do this for? 

  • 30 days before sharing this but now I do it more regularly.

When did you start seeing a change?

  • After 2 weeks. Keep in mind that everyones different plus I added a lot of water intake.

Thanks for reading, & if you decide to try this tell me how it goes.

Keep me posted.

Intuition is There When Your Visions Impaired 

Never mistake intuition for insecurity. If you ignore your intuition, you’ve already made two mistakes. Listening to the voice inside your head makes you unstoppable. Your intuition is a compass for yourself. It’s the mother of all and should not be ignored. If you don’t use it for guidance you’ll find yourself lost.

i.e.: You can feel like your’e not right for someone without necessarily doubting yourself for not being good enough.

Self-Love Isn’t a Countdown

I personally refuse to be a prisoner of my past. I had to learn that pain isn’t on a set timer. It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to cry. Exploring my healing process was the best thing I’ve ever done. I did what I needed to do to realign my spirit. Self-love isn’t a countdown. I always grouped pain with fear but I learned that if you entertain fear, stagnancy always comes along with it.